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huamanOS Quest Diagnostics LGC Biosearch Technologies 4REAL American Camellia Society Restore Hyper Wellness Diatom BEST Center IT'S-IT Ice Cream Intuit Reichi Lee for School Board R&A Cycles High Performance Building Operations Professional Endangered Tigar Health AINA UMass Memorial Labs Shimmick Construction Yawanawa Hear the Call Jukepop Serials Odd Bagel Poppy & Paige EBTEL

“HumanOS involves user profiles connected to data from wearables as part of unique programs for each individual. Jade made it all work beautifully!”

Dan Pardi Owner and Founder, humanOS

“Jade rocked our project!
A pleasure to work with.”

Dave Read Principle and Founder, CPR Interactive

“Holy moly, Batman! It worked!
Super thanks, Jade!”

Iris Brand Gift Shop Coordinator, American Camellia Society
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About Jade

Jade has been providing clients around the world with website and technology solutions for more than 20 years.

From non-profits to large companies to businesses just starting out, Jade has worked with clients of all sizes. Find out how Jade can bring your vision to life.

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